Down with the Demons

Demon's SoulsYou wouldn’t think you’d have to travel to a place full with death to revive the action-RPG genre, but in the end, that’s exactly what “Demon’s Souls” ends up doing.

Armed with awe-inspiring graphics, deep customization options and engaging hack-and-slash gameplay, Atlus’ “Demon’s Souls” is a treasure to behold and a great reason to venture on to the PlayStation 3.

Not your average RPG, there is a vintage medieval style of war here that envelopes players and captures their imaginations. With that said, this is the element that gives the game an opportunity to shine.

Adding to the game’s glow is the create-a-character option, which gives the player the opportunity to choose between a series of intriguing weapons, physical features and armor that can prepare them for battle. A knight, a priest and a soldier are just some of the characters which you can create in any style, shape or form. Like “Fallout 3,” this option gives the game some replayability, as all of the characters have their own specific strengths and weaknesses.

The in-game tutorials for “Demon’s Souls” are extremely helpful, and make your journey that much easier. There are plenty of explanations that describe what your character will have to go through, who they will battle and what is expected in order to survive the immense journey that develops here. The missions are not easy, but the early game tutorials help you get a grasp of the controls and the clear and present dangers that lay ahead.

The gameplay for “Demon’s Souls” takes some getting used to at first, but with time, the control is intiuitive and simple, making it fun to take down hordes of enemies. In spite of being difficult at times, an interesting option here is getting an opportunity to reclaim your soul. Upon your passing, you will become a spirit and have to get as many souls as possible in order to get your life back. You’ll also be able to upgrade your armor and other amenities that will help you get back to form, and help you from not becoming mincemeat once again.

A nice touch on a game that, above all else, has so many things going for it. Excruiciating difficulty aside, it’s easily the best action/RPG on the system right now. Even with this toughness factor in place, the death option relieves any frustration you’ll encounter on your adventure and keep your spirits and motivation high.

Like the “Sword in the Stone,” once you take control of your sword, you’ll have a hard time putting it down.

If you do not own a PS3, now is the time to get one. “Demon’s Souls” is one of those games that will have you anxious and excited to experience true action/RPG gameplay. A tribute to classics like “Baldur’s Gate” and “Champions of Norrath,” this is a title that will be remembered for quite some time.

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