Hell Yeah, ‘Brutal Legend’ Rocks

BrutalLegendCoverEver wish you could play the most awesome game in the world? There would be mystical beasts and magic and constant pop culture references — and you can still have friends without being ridiculed for playing it.

Well, that time has come from the twisted mind of a one Tim Schafer (Psychonauts). Armed with a brilliant cast of voice actors and possibly the greatest soundtrack in the history of video games, “Brutal Legend” is that game.

It also happens to be the most “metal” game ever forged in the history of the universe.

This is just one reason why “Brutal Legend” is amazing from top to bottom. The controls are flawless as you rock, shock, smash, crash and boss your minions around as Eddie Riggs, the world’s greatest roadie.

His weapons of choice? The battle-axe, known as “the separator”  (which — well –separates) and flying-V guitar Clementine, which has multiple purposes, such as summoning woodland creatures, raising artifacts or a face-melting guitar solo that literally melts your enemies’ faces clean off.

One of the better aspects of the gameplay is that there is no “one way to play.” There are different elements of video game genres packed smoothly into this gem. There’s “Twisted Metal” style driving, classic beat ‘em up or hack and slash fighting and RPG-like strategy-based combat, where you control an army and lead it  to victory while protecting your own stage.

Double-teaming with your crew is also fun to do during combat. There are also free roaming and side missions for you to do when you simply don’t feel like continuing the story just yet. Multiplayer is also available, in which two generals pick their army and go head to head in strategy based combat.

“Brutal Legend” has something for everyone.

As you have probably figured by now, the game pretty much revolves around metal. The graphics are stunning, as everything creates a masterpiece that ought to be an album cover in this beautifully landscaped world, and it is indeed a massive creation. The soundtrack as well is packed full of virtually every kind of metal genre available with bands you’ve heard of and many that only true metal heads would know. The soundtrack also stays away from popular songs and radio staples and includes the heavier, more underground songs of the popular bands.

For example, most other games with an Ozzy Osbourne song would have “Crazy Train” and “Paranoid” in the soundtrack, but “Brutal Legend” contains lesser known classics such as “Diary of a Madman” and “Never Say Die.”

Nevertheless, in spite of all the sexy features in the game, the coolest thing is easily the cast. Eddie Riggs is played by none other than Jack Black (School of Rock, Tenacious D, Shallow Hal) who puts his soul into the character and breathes life into the game. If they gave out Oscars for video game voice acting, he’d definitely be up for an award.

The Metal Gods are also here, as the game features the voices of Lemmy Kilmeister of Motorhead, Rob Halford of Judas Priest, Lita Ford and the poster child for metal, Ozzy Osbourne, himself.

Comedian Tim Curry (The Rocky Horror Picture Show, IT) has the role of Emperor Doviculus, the game’s main baddie, while other celebrities such as comedian, Brian Posehn, and Tenacious D’s other half, Kyle Gas, have smaller roles in side missions.

All things considered, “Brutal Legend” is hands down one of the best games to come out in a long time. It’s original, it’s funny and it plays just as good as the tunes.

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