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Vampire_Diaries_LogoEpisode Commentary: “Haunted”

Vicki’s a vampire and she’s hungry. As usual, the opening of “Vampire Diaries” gives the viewers high expectations as she attempts to handle her new identity as a “vampire with issues.” If it were up to Damon, they would all be living the lifestyle of “snatch, eat, erase.”

Instead, Stefan attempts to “12-step” Vicki with her blood addiction.

Meanwhile, Bonnie tries to get advice from Grams (Jasmine Guy) about her new-found witch abilities. There are no revelations here. As Bonnie’s Crone grandmother informs her of her background, you get the feeling that this is filler for the real action. For her costume, she gets a witch outfit (surprise-surprise).

But there is a twist – as an accessory, Caroline gives her the necklace that she took from Damon. Of course, this necklace holds some importance to the plot; however, this storyline is wearing thin. One wonders if this piece of jewelry will be as exciting as the watch that’s a vampire compass.

Throughout the episode, Vicki is the most fun to watch as the vampire with no self-esteem – she schools Elena and works out her newfound abilities. Then there’s Jeremy, who’s trying to figure everything out. It’s sad when the best thing that’s ever happened to you is a drug/blood addicted vampire.

Damon is the only one who seems to be investigating the threat to his existence. As he attempts to enthrall the mayor’s wife, he gets a surprise of his own and realizes he has to get information the old fashioned way.

The backdrop to all this drama is a Halloween party and Vicki goes as our friendly neighborhood vampire. What will she do with all those naked necks around?

If only this show had a faster pace. It’s obvious that these actors can handle more than the fluff that is imposed on them. Bonnie is a key to destroying the vampires, but the dialogue between her and Damon is worse than a reenactment of a scene from “Unsolved Mysteries.”

The action scenes are also few and far between, which frustrates the audience. Just when things start to heat up, there’s a commercial. This doesn’t heighten suspense; instead, it dampens the intensity and you become less interested in what’s going on.

It’s episode seven and with a full season ordered, this show has got to pick up the pace if it’s expected to make it to season two.

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