Review Fix Exclusive Q & A: Michael Des Barres Part Five – Is that why the first album is sometimes the best of the band because they put everything into that?

Michael Des Barres – Yes. Your whole life experience is in that moment, so then you have three months to do your second, and you have to manufacture it. So that’s why bands disappear, because they don’t have the technique or the awareness, or even, they’re probably in shock at the success or the failure of it. With me, I could never sustain bands. They serve their purpose for me after two albums, and bored isn’t the word, but I got satiated by the brilliance quickly, and people say, “Well, Michael, if you actually made a third, fourth record, who knows?” You were allowed to build a career in terms of multiple releases, , but people say, “If you would’ve done that, then maybe it would’ve been a nice living,” and I shrugged my shoulders. – I’ve read there was supposed to be a third album?

Michael Des Barres – Yes, I mean I’ve written a lot of it, but at that time I was 20 something, I was really young. I was in love with Miss Pamela. I was bored with London and just left in a haze of narcotics. – Some people from that period are no longer with us, and some people got through it, which is credit to you.

Michael Des Barres – Yes, well, I credit God. I credit good vibes and love. – I read that album was supposed to be recorded in a dungeon of a Welsh castle? I don’t know if that’s true?

Michael Des Barres – I wanted to do it and it was crazy at that time and I called it “Brutiful” (Unfinished 1974 album). – Right, I’ve heard that, yes. So there are tracks that actually could be a third album?

Michael Des Barres – Oh, yeah. Oh, wow. My friends and I will put up the money, I guess.

Michael Des Barres – It was all about America, the American extremes. you a full-time California resident?

Michael Des Barres – I travel, and I do live here. My family is here (son and ex-wife). Pam and I are no longer together. – Do you get along well? It’s seems like it’s a wonderful relationship, despite the split.

Michael Des Barres- We are the same person, really. You can’t go through what we went through and not be. At first, we had this wonderful son Nick, who we just absolutely love. We’re a very tight rock ‘n’ roll family. Somebody described us the other day as being swingers, which I thought was hilarious. – That’s wonderful. That’s good for your child too. I mean that’s a wonderful thing for him to see that.

Michael Des Barres – It’s good for enough people to know and for her, the fans, they really like the fact that we would do anything for one another, and yet are capable of loving someone else too, you know, being with that person, being faithful to that person, being true to that person, loving that person, but we still retain this incredible bond. – To me, I just consider you a renaissance man, someone who is just well-versed in many different areas. Very articulate, bright, talented. I mean, do you consider yourself a renaissance man?

Michael Des Barres – You know what, dude? At the end of the day, I don’t want to sound cute, but I don’t consider myself, I rarely even stop to consider. I’m so lucky to be interested and curious in the world,” that’s what really is the most important thing is. It’s remaining engaged. I know how MGMT record – I love their music. I go see the most wonderful things: The Bernini exhibit at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles; I read books; I stay engaged in pop culture and history, and that keeps me vital, and so yeah I have many interests, I explore them. I’m so fortunate to be able to do that, and I’m proud to have contributed to areas of show business. When you’ve acted with a sock – which is what I did on “ALF” – and you’ve done “Live Aid”and everything in between, this is a wonderful gift. I’m just lucky to be alive, Steve, and I’m so grateful for you being interested in me, and I hope you have some interesting material you need to make a nice piece. – So are there new projects, anything coming up?

Michael Des Barres – Well, there are so many things. I mean, I wrote a script about a woman who kidnaps a young boy called “Immoral,” and this has been optioned in the last week. I’m very excited about it. You know, I love to write. Danny Goldberg, you know, my long time manager and friend who was president at Warner Brothers, Mercury, Atlantic is helping me write a book.

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