Last Week in Free MP3s 2-10

“Take This Love” Monster Mix – Unique 3 featuring Adele Collins

This is dance music done right. Its unobtrusive, continuous beat puts you in the mood to dance, and Collins’ vocals don’t interrupt the flow. It’s not the deepest song, but it is a solid track to dance to.

“If I Had My Way” – Patty Griffin featuring Regina and Ann McCrary

The great thing about free music downloads is the discovery of artists and Patty Griffin will be a welcomed voice on your mp3 player. From the album “Downtown Church” this gospel track is upbeat and soulful. Definitely give it a listen.

“Proof” – The Northern Key

The slow, melodic rhythm of this track drives the downcast lyrics. It’s the sort of song that you need to be in the mood for to appreciate its use of stripped down musicianship; particularly the way this band uses the guitar as a fellow vocalist as well as adding to the melody. It’s an inventive take that deserves to be heard.

“Forest Whitaker (In an Uncompromising Role)” – Public Square

Alright you see Forest Whitaker’s name and think this is from some spoken word album about Black History Month, but no. Instead you hear the rock out, punk sound of Public Square. A pleasant surprise that is far too short.

“In Between the Spaces You Don’t Think About“ – Soihadto

If the rest of the songs from the album “Adventure Stories (Not Based on Fact?)” (released on 2/2/10) is anything like this track then don’t even think twice about downloading it. The music alone is amazing as it goes between subtly and all-out rock rhythms. The spoken word during the play of the track is also interesting, however it’s unnecessary. Still, you should download this song.

“Little Bird” – Eels

Have you ever missed someone so much that the only person who could understand your pain is a bird minding its own business on your porch? Well this song about an ended love affair makes you feel the protagonist’s pain in a way that will have you replaying this track. Essentially its straight forward and simple lyrics and melody will keep you interested.

“The Ballad of John Henry” – Jon Bonamassa

Get it. It’s rock and blues done expertly well. While you’re at it download the entire album.

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