Best GBA Fighter Ever

Anyone with a gameboy advance in need of a great 2d fighter needs to look no further- Street Fighter Alpha 3 delivers a fantastic gameplay experience, without any draw backs from having to less buttons to work with on the GBA. Forget about wasting all those quarters, and bring the arcade with you whenever and wherever you want.

Being a port of the Dreamcast classic, the first thing that will strike most gamers is that this game is as close to its original as humanely possible. The sprites move crisply and the animation is top notch, The backgrounds are clean and full of color, and even still manage to hold their beauty on the GBA player.

The control on this game is also as close to the original as possible. It has never been easier to pull off all of your favorite combos and control your fighter on a handheld fighter. However, it’s recommended
that this game be played on the Nintendo DS or the original GBA if you have big hands because you mind might find it a little difficult to reach the shoulder buttons when you want to on a SP.

There are also a few hidden characters to unlock and a few extra gameplay modes, thus adding to an already impressive amount of gameplay the game has to offer. This game is a handheld fighting game fan’s dream come true, giving you everything from a great Dreamcast game and putting it in the palms of your hand without anything missing or having to give up too much in the graphics or control department.

The game is also just as hard as its big brother. All the characters move and react beautifully to all of your actions. The AI is extremely competent and makes sure the cheesy players have to work for their wins. After playing the game for longer than a few hours, it is impossible to pick up any pattern from any of the fighters to pick up an easy win. This in itself adds to the great amount of playability this game has.

The games price also makes it a must buy. For under twenty dollars brand new, you can take this game home with you, and play it until your hands are sore, and believe it, they will be. This game will make train and bus rides pass right before your very eyes and you’ll find yourself wanting to squeeze in as many rounds as possible.

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