Thoughts on Newest Twilight: Eclipse Trailer

Let the craze continue. The teaser trailer for the third installment of the Twilight mega-franchise is here, and it looks a little more dark and wicked. Things are heating up for Bella in her love triangle with Edward and Jacob, and the decision of turning into a vampire seems like it is upon her. Vampire or Werewolf- human or immortal? What will Bella choose? Can Twilight fans really wait four more months to find out?

With the third film there is a third director, this time they brought in David Slade of “30 Days of Night” and “Hard Candy” to work behind the camera, and he possibly might bring some of his own flavor to the film judging by the trailer. The scenes between Bella, Jacob and Edward look like they are more intense and have some better acting going on as the story heightens with anticipation. The overall look of the film is a bit more dark and looming but crisper than the previous films. Another exciting development in the teaser trailer is the appearance of the Volturi in the woods of Forks. Dakota Fanning and the rest of the Italian crew should add some spice to this film.

Why Weitz wasn’t brought back for the third chapter seems puzzling since “Twilight: New Moon” did so well at the box office, but it might be a good thing to get a new take on this story and perhaps mature it as the story moves forward. However the final product of “Twilight: Eclipse” looks, the fans will surely be thirsty for more.

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