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Computer tune up is not a hassle with GlarySoft’s award-winning program, Glary Utilities. It provides a fast and organized way to remove all junk files wherher they are browser history, system junk files, duplicate files, broken links or unwanted installed programs. With GlarySoft’s ability to keep this program updated, Glary Utilities is very fast, stable and provides almost all functions of any paid product that does the same job.

Glary Utilities’ user interface is indeed very organized and clean. Each category provides various options on pc tune up, such as a disk cleaner, registry cleaner, shortcut fixer and an uninstall manager provided by the first category. The rest, all give different options for optimizing computer performances such as a startup manager, duplicate file finder, track eraser and a disk analysis tool. Many of these options can also be modified to exclude folders and file types. Being so, Glary Utilities provides a bit of customization to clearing file clutter and has a very user-friendly layout.

Whether hard drives are very filled or empty, Glary Utilities is very quick on performing scans for junk files, registry errors, broken shortcuts, finding duplicate files and empty folders. The program provides other methods of optimization, mainly the memory optimizer tool, which allows a user to monitor and gain unused random access memory in the background. It also has an uninstaller that allows “batch uninstalls” which gives a user the ability to uninstall multiple programs one after another, without having to constantly click “uninstall” for each program.

Glary Utilities provides a quick and easy way to use all the functions a user chooses, by the click of a button. The program has a special feature, called the “1-Click Maintenance.” This feature is used as a very specified option within Glary Utlities’ window. It allows a user to check any functions from the program and use all of them at once for a quick cleanup.

The program’s performance is also quite stable and does not consume too many resources while running. Each function, such as the disk cleaner, acts as a module and a separate program which runs a different process in the background. However, both the program and modules run with very little memory and is resource friendly. The program’s set up file is about 8MB and the installed program is around 17-18MB, making Glary Utilities quite small, but powerful.

During the program’s installation, it may ask about installing a toolbar, which is not necessary. The program also has text on the bottom, a link for an upgrade, as there are both free and paid versions of Glary Utilities. Very few functions requires the paid version, which makes the free version of this program nearly complete.

Overall, Glary Utilities is a very functional program for optimizing computer performance. It is free of charge, easy to use, and does not have irritating advertisements asking for an upgrade. However, any pc tune-up program should be used with caution, as some may cause system crashes if used improperly, such as removing wrong files or registry errors. Generally, Glary Utilities does not make dreadful mistakes on its own and works quite well.

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