I-Tunes Single of ‘Last Week’ Review: Neon Trees-‘Animal’

Neon Trees, a rock group from Provo, Utah, is currently giving the music scene a spirited and animated uplift with their debut album “Habits.” The lead single off of this album, “Animal,” is filled with spontaneous adrenaline that makes listeners want to jump up from their seat and move to the music. Even though Neon Trees is considered to be a rock band, “Animal” contains a chipper pop sound, along with lyrics of love, those very similar to Metro Station.

Neon Trees somehow incorporates emotional words with tunes that would expect more cheerful lyrics. Throughout the song, the lead singer, Tyler Glenn, sings about a person he cares about and how they always seem to be dissatisfied. Glenn receives a strong and particular vibe from this person, but in the long run, they’ll eventually have to let go of his heart.

Not only does Glenn highly set the mood for “Animal” with his dynamic voice, the drummer, Elaine Bradley, adds calmer background vocals and simple drumming that keep the sound upbeat. One of the best parts of the song is the keyboard/synth. It gives off a unique taste and it allows the track to be bouncy the whole way through.

Neon Trees definitely showed the media what they are made of with their new hit single, “Animal” and hopefully this big hitter will allow fans to appreciate the rest of what “Habits” has to offer.

Photo by Cynthia Spataro

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