Last Week in Free MP3s 3-24

Sometimes the free weekly downloads are themed. Whether its holiday time or heavy metal month, you tend to get the same type of music for that week. However this week’s mp3 free music is an eclectic mix that may appease your appetite for discovering new artists.

“Five to One” Live at Pittsburgh – The Doors

From the re-mastered live performance with Jim Morrison taking lead vocals “Five to One” is what a recorded live concert is supposed to be. If you want to hear the version without the ad lib moments, then purchase the studio album. But if you want the experience of the song with crooning guitar licks, crisply-sung lyrics and a rocking drum beat, then you need this track in your mp3 player.

“Narayana/For Your Love” – Krishna Das

When you think of Krishna Das you automatically think of yogis contemplating their navels. In this case with the up-tempo, rhythmic beat of the music, the chanting of Das brings on a feeling of unification and contemplation. It’s a pleasant and happy groove. Although the 10 minute track will be daunting for the listener who is new to Das download it anyway. You can always listen to it in increments and work your way up. You will find that the rhythm varies and that there are lyrics that are interjected between chants. Besides take 10 minutes for yourself out of what may be a hectic day – you deserve it.

“The Story So Far” – Flogging Molly

The other live track this week “The Story So Far” is raw and intense as the lead vocalist emphasizes every lyric with a Celtic instrument lilt. It’s a catchy song that you won’t be able to get out of your head and you won’t mind that. However the 2 minutes the track takes to introduce the band is unnecessary. As a listener you only want to hear the music.

“Birthday Boy” – Drive-By-Truckers

This is an ordinary rock song with lyrics that you’ve heard before. It’s not the worst song ever written, but the heavy drumming that drowns out the lyrics and the rest of the instruments make this song sound amateurish. Skip it.

“One in a Lifetime” – Monica

With the dominance of Beyonce, Mary J. Blige and solid musicianship of other acts such as Ciara and Keyshia Cole there isn’t room for mediocrity in R&B. Unfortunately for Monica that’s just what this song is. “One in a Lifetime” needs work. It’s played out lyrics and mundane rhythm may not be able to help Monica return to the top of the charts. A return to the studio for a remix of this track is definitely in order if this has any promise to be a cross-chart hit – much less for cracking the top 40 of the R&B Charts.

“Kill Me Carolyn” – The Whigs

It’s just noise, needless, incessant noise. Don’t waste your time.

“King of Rome” – Goldheart Assembly

Listening to “King of Rome” you’ll wonder why the vocalists feel the need to over-sing the lyrics. Their screeching overrides the solid musicianship in the song. Goldheart Assembly should re-release this track as an instrumental or have someone else sing the lyrics to make this a song worth hearing.

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