Separation Anxiety

It’s week nine on “The Biggest Loser” and after the separation of mother and son both groups must recoup and remember why they’re here. This time the challenge is mental and the Black team thinks they have it in the bag because it’s mostly made up of women. The winning team of the challenge gets to go to a spa, while the losing team gets to clean the kitchen and the gym. Needless to say the results will surprise you.

Once the teams are both back on the ranch Ashley (the Black Team) rediscovers the reason why she’s on a weight-loss show as Jillian helps her realize that she’s “going to be the person who doesn’t care what other people think.” The last remaining mother and daughter realize that they both can regain their independence without sacrificing their relationship.

This week’s episode is also filled with tips on how to lose, maintain weight loss and eating healthily without giving up flavor. Meanwhile Mike leaves the ranch to attend to a family emergency. This impacts the Blue Team since Mike is their best cook and the next challenge is a cooking challenge judged by celebrity chef Curtis Jones. The 30-minute time limit does not help as the teams are told they have to create three healthy meals that are edible. However the five-pound reward for the winning competitors will be important to the weigh-in. The winning team will definitely need the advantage.

As usual the last chance workout is brutal and Bob tries some workout techniques not found on any DVD. Which leads to another high-stakes weigh-in as the greatest percentage of weight loss means one of the teams will remain intact for another week. For the team that ends up in the elimination room its heart wrenching. As the weeks go on the teams have bonded and for them to send a person home is like kicking out a family member. It just may devastate the team that has to make that decision.

Next week the remaining contestants get to go home for a week. Will this cause setbacks for some and, how will they implement what they’ve learned on the ranch into their real everyday lives? Stay tuned to find out.

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