TNA Still Experiencing Growing Pains

Aside from a few interesting spots with Mr. Anderson and an engaging main event with Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles, this week’s TNA Impact was a mediocre wrasslin’ fest, at best.

For one, Hardy’s spot in the beginning of the show was a disaster. Sure, he’s charismatic, but calling out to his “children of the night,” at the end of the segment was one of the corniest moments in the new Monday night war. A true shame considering how talented an athlete he is. Perhaps he needs a manager or a valet with more skills on the microphone. At this point, many of TNA’s most talented athletes need some more help in that area and it’s obviously dragging down the show.

Seeing arguably the best wrestlers in TNA, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin resort to talking about Generation Me’s girlfriends later in the show makes you wonder exactly who is writing the scripts backstage. Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan have promised change, but so far, the company’s story-lines haven’t been all that fantastic. Aside from several old faces joining the fold, TNA hasn’t stepped up their game where they should be, the ring.

No offense to Ric Flair, but no one wants to see him bloody himself up anymore. The same thing goes for watching Hogan and Scott Hall hobble around the ring.

On the other hand, the times when quality wrestlers with microphone ability get on the screen however, you get more than solid action. For example, the spot with Kurt Angle and Anderson was intriguing and looks to be one of the best matches on the upcoming PPV. Aside from that, the Styles/Abyss encounter will undoubtedly be a blockbuster, as well as both of the X-division contests. The same thing goes for the ladies match, which ironically looks to be an excellent one as well. Daphne is out of her mind, in the best way possible, and Tara is easily one of the best female wrestlers of this generation, with the most devastating finisher. All in all, this PPV doesn’t look to be all that shabby.

However, one part of the upcoming PPV that has gone undeveloped is the match between Rob Terry and Magnus for the Global Championship. Instead of watching Bischoff get his hair cut off, why not devote a few minutes to seeing Terry in a tune-up match? Also, where is Samoa Joe? Why not give the Nasty Boys less time on the air and let the youngsters run with the ball?

In spite of this, TNA still has tons of promise and is still a more than provocative offering on Monday night, but it doesn’t take Phil Collins to know what’s coming in the air tonight if these type of antics continue.

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