A Sex Book for Teens?

Ever wonder what it would be like to have that “TALK” with your kids about you-know-what? Or, are you a curious teen? Well, this book will answer all your questions, and then some. Nikol Hasler has solved that problem for you by writing a book suitably titled, Sex: A Book for Teens.

This uncensored guide has it all from what foreplay is, to sexual orientation, to when to approach your significant other about the deed. The book is packed with serious questions like what type of birth control to use and how to put on a condom. It is written for teens in a way that is both education and humorous. Questions such as “What are water sports?” come to mind (If you do not know, well after you read it, you will. The answer is not what you think…)

Although Zest publishing placed a 15 and over age on the back cover, readers should be mindful as to who should really pick up this book. Fifteen seems young for some people, and the text can get a bit graphic. However, it may be better to know what the deal is rather than being ignorant about the subject.

This book surprisingly stays neutral to the topic. For parents, this is a plus because it is not necessarily pro-sex. The book gives an in depth look at sexually transmitted diseases, and contraception alternatives. This book even has a section on adoption, pregnancy, and what to ask the OB/GYN when you get check-ups.

Overall, this book can serve two purposes: To educate the youth of America on the taboo specifics about sex; and to inform the young people of today about the risks and options they have when making the decision.

This book is also fun for teens due to the immature humor that often accompanies the science behind the birds and the bees. The cover is proof enough of that with an interesting cover picture of two cows humping. Very appealing to teens. Who say Don’t judge a book by its cover?

Therefore, if you have a question and do not want to ask Mom and Dad, Sex a Book for Teens, can answer all of your awkward questions.

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