Last Week in Free MP3s 6-06

“Live Forever” – Matt Morris

From his album Where Everything Breaks Open, Matt Morris exudes a soulful ease in his singing that emphasizes the emotional sentiment in this track. It’s also a sound representation of the musicianship in his other songs. If this taste of his musical talent is not enough for you, then pick up the album.

“Goin’ Out of My Head” – Wes Montgomery

Jazz guitar was created for Wes Montgomery. This multifaceted musician, songwriter had a way with a tune and although he was not formally trained, he was able to express a complexity of emotions by ear. You should download “Goin’ Out of My Head” for its amazing sound and clean musical arrangement.

“Urlo Negro” – Mike Patton

Mike Patton sounds angry on this track in the beginning and it goes downhill from there. If having someone screech in your ear is your idea of a good time, then this track is for you. Then again you can always find someone to do that without having to take up valuable space in your mp3 player.

“Fractured (Everything I Said Was True) – Taproot

There’s something about a rocking beat with a heavy influence of metal rhythmic arrangements. That said, Taproot’s track attempts to reach for a song that’s worth hearing. Unfortunately they fall extremely short and have winded up with a barely listenable tune. It continuously drones on and you find yourself losing interest fairly quickly. Not a good sign for a song that’s barely three minutes long.

“Arkansas” – Damien Jurado

There’s something about Damien Jurado’s voice that will captivate you. His meditative, melodic tone draws you in. Then there’s the song itself. It could be straight from the “Eddie and the Cruisers” soundtrack with its early ‘60s vibe. It’s rich in expression and you should download it.

“L.O.V.E.” – V V Brown

L.O.V.E. is a great song from an amazing singer. V V Brown can make anything sound great, luckily she has solid musical material to work with. This fast-paced ‘60s type-track will have you jumping and jiving throughout. It’s a song that ends all too soon.

“I Saw Lightning” – Telekinesis

You may think that “I Saw Lightning” is too syrupy sweet sounding for your taste, but so what? Telekinesis has a song that stays in your head and will have you humming all day. It’s a track that just makes you feel good and that’s not a bad thing.

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