Be Careful Sookie

Through the first season and a half of “True Blood,” there wasn’t one weak episode, as each trial and tribulation in Bon Temps was sexy, bloody and fun. That wasn’t the case for the later half of season two however, as Sookie and Bill’s exploits in Dallas and all the crazy happenings back home lacked the same panache as the fiery beginnings of the series.

Nonetheless, millions of fans awaited patiently for season three to start.

While the first two episodes have been lukewarm at best, things look like they’re ready to pick up soon.

Real soon.

With werewolves after Sookie, Sam finding his family, Tera getting involved with a vampire, not to mention the three or four other side stories involving Jason, Bill, Lafayette and Eric, there may be more drama this season than ever before.

Nevertheless, will it be what fans truly want from the series?

Being downright hypnotic through most of its run on HBO thus far, “True Blood” has to be careful in season three. The inclusion of werewolves may change the dichotomy of the series entirely, robbing it of its grit, sex appeal and intrigue entirely. While it didn’t seem to slow down the books by any means and the writers on this show have proven themselves, they again must be careful here.

Just because vampires vs werewolves works for teens and “Twilight,” doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll keep the more mature fans of this show glued to the edge of their seats.

The same thing goes for all the bureaucracy within the vampire community, which has the possibility of getting incredibly boring fast. Despite the fact that this process is drawing things out more than ever, the show is beginning to stray from its fast-paced and sexy roots. While some may be quick to say that the show is proving to be more than a sexy drama, providing plenty of back story, depth and a legitimate mythology to its world, much like the great shows of our era like Battlestar Galactica, Dexter and the Wire, those aforementioned shows were always known for their storytelling depth and never relied on sex and action the same way this show does.

At any rate, the way the show ended this past Sunday, it looks to have and maintain a new and interesting blend of drama, intelligence and energy.

Stay tuned.

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