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PS3 & X-Box 360 Demo Thoughts: “Voodoo Dice”

Have you ever wished to control the numbers your dice roll? In a new video game for Play Station 3, “Voodoo Dice,” you may and should stretch your brain in order to put down the right number. Even though you have to think a little bit, playing this game is just as easy as rolling a die from one side to another keeping in mind that there are some tricks that may prevent you from getting to your destination.

However, this is not the kind of game that will hold you by your PS3 for days.

In “Voodoo Dice,” each level is a new puzzle, a bit different from the previous one. Trying to get to a check point, you would have to destroy one kind of dice and “make friends” with another kind, to calculate how many moves you need to get the number you need on top of your dice and learn the secrets of teleportation. You will pass some levels easily, while getting stuck and restarting other ones over and over. To evaluate your performance, you are timed, so you can see that every time you come back to the same level, you complete the task faster than before.

But don’t get stuck in one place for too long. Moving to a following level is not only victorious- it gets you emeralds. Sadly enough, you will have to use the stones to open a door to another set of levels and so on, through four different worlds.

A game for the times when you want to relax and get away from your thoughts, “Voodoo Dice” will not entertain you for a long time. Playing it again, you will notice that some levels repeat one another. A good thing is, however, that you will not get as addicted to it as you would to “Red Dead Redemption,” for example, spending days hunting animals, betting money and chasing outlaws.

“Voodoo Dice,” on the contrary, will hold your attention for exactly as long as you want it to. All in all, it’s not a bad choice if all you are looking for is a pleasant, brain-exercising distraction, rather than a fleshed-out gaming experience.

And if you do, indeed, then roll for it.

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