Remembering the Bloody Days of the Squared Circle

Ever since the ECW promotion was resurrected by Vince McMahon early last year, every hardcore fan has tried their hardest to get back into the brand, but nevertheless has found themselves wishing for the old days when the brand was totally extreme and different than any other promotion in the world.

Some believe that the storylines on ECW today aren’t as raunchy, while others feel the matches aren’t as violent. Well, now with the release of “Blood Sport: ECW’s Most Violent Matches,” ECW fans now have the most extreme matches all in one collection. Blood Sport not only delivers the goods as far as serving up some of the bloodiest battles ever seen in ECW, it’s chronologic presentation serves as a great addition to the backbone of the history of the promotion featured on “The Rise and Fall of ECW.”

ECW fans will also be happy to know that not one match from any previous DVD is found on this collection, making it a one of a kind gem for any nostalgic fan or collector. Featuring classics such as the Raven vs. Terry Funk match for the World heavyweight title, the main event from ECW’s first pay per view and the infamous I Quit match between CW Anderson and Tommy Dreamer in addition to 17 other matches, this DVD is unlike any other wrestling collection out right now.

However despite the high amount of action on the collection, the matches on the first disc are from the first few years of ECW, with poor production value and camera work that only real fans of the promotion can enjoy. Some fans may opt to just throw in the second disc of the collection, which filled with matches including Taz, Shane Douglas, Tommy Dreamer and the Dudley Boys that are sure to satisfy the most blood thirsty of fans.

Another shortcoming of the collection is the way Paul Heyman chose to introduce each match. While no one doubts the fact that the Bill Alfonso- Beulah McGillicutty match was a violent one, saying things like, “It was one of the most important five minute stretches in wrestling history,” is just that, a stretch and a bad one at that. If this collection didn’t have any commentary from Heyman, none of the rich history of the promotion would be lost or tarnished, but for some reason, the WWE decided to have Heyman exaggerate his exploits in ECW before every single match, making his voice annoying and tiresome by the end of the collection.

In the end however, things like that really don’t take away how violent the matches are in this collection and how well they represent an almost lost era in wrestling history, making “Blood Sport: ECW’s Most Violent Matches” a must own DVD for any devoted fan of the promotion.

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