Review Fix Exclusive: Q & A with David ‘Jade’ Sotomayor

As a contestant on the first season of “Rupaul’s Drag Race,” David “Jade” Sotomayor brought a sense of class, sass and Latin spice to the competition. Even though she didn’t win the title of America’s next drag superstar, Jade is still moving forward.

Review Fix: How was your life like growing up in Chicago, Illinois?

JADE: It was really nice. I had a lot of friends and, at a young age, my mother always had me in extra-curricular activities.

RF: What is your family structure like?

JADE: My mother and sister have always lived together with me.

RF: What is your mother like? What about your father?

JADE: My mother is everything [to me]. [She is] literally my back bone. My father is a really great guy but since my mother and [he] have been separated, I’ve been used to going to my mother for everything.

RF: How did you come up with the idea to create Jade?

JADE: Honestly, I needed a job that I can make my own hours and be to able to continue traveling with my dance team. A friend suggested that I perform for this one club and ever since that first show I have continued to perform as Jade all over the US.

RF: How did you break into dancing?

JADE: I’ve been dancing for years now. I started in a non for profit dance team in Humbolt Park in Chicago. From there I received scholarships to other dance schools and continued training and performing for different teams.

RF: How did you feel when you booked the Hugo Boss campaign?

JADE: I didn’t book a Hugo Boss campaign. That was a picture a friend made for me as a joke. I have however had the honor to work with great photographers like Mike Ruiz and most recently Justin Monroe.

RF: What is your favorite activity, being Jade, being a model or being a dancer?

JADE: Well, all three things are definitely a creative outlet. I can’t really choose one because I’m so happy doing them all.

RF: Besides your occupations, what do you do for fun?

JADE: I love to go to dinner parties, movies, shopping, or even barbecues.

RF: Where do you see yourself in one year? How about ten years?

JADE: Next year, [I want to] work more. In ten years, [I want to be] rich and mega famous.

RF: Is there anything else that we should know about you?

JADE: I’m proud to be featured in a new online documentary series that examines how individual effeminate gay men survive and thrive in today’s American queer communities. It’s called 50 faggots.

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