Rundown of Free Comic Day Offerings: Part Two

Shrek/The Penguins of Madagascar:

For the truly young, this double comic will engage those who are just learning to read. The story is short and engaging enough to keep the little ones interested and get them to start loving reading since its associated with some of their favorite cartoon characters.

G.I. Joe:

This comic based on the Hasbro toy line premiered in 1982, since then it has been an entertaining cartoon series and a not-so-great movie. However, for freebie comic day, Larry Hama who wrote 155 issues of this comic is back to write 155 ½. It takes place as if the years have not passed and will continue in episode 156. It seems that Cobra Commander’s son, who at one point, attempted to assassinate his father, is being reprogrammed by the brainwave scanner. One problem, the late Dr. Venom left a Trojan horse in the device and who knows what it’s capable of doing. In the meantime, the artwork by Agustin Padilla is visually impeccable. Action scenes jump out at you and not only propels the storyline, but add to it. It’s also the perfect launching point to jump back into the series.

Iron Man/Thor:

What happens when the weather won’t yield to the thunder-god? And what does Tony Stark have to do with it? The sins of Stark Industries’ past come back to haunt Iron Man, which makes for a great marvel team-up. Thor still hasn’t forgotten what Stark did in his absence either. However, he puts this aside to help with this moon situation. Matt Fraction has created a solid starting point for the new Iron Man fan. Anyone familiar with the film will recognize Tony’s goatee and morose humor. As for Thor, he’s written with equal wit and brawn. It will make you curious enough to pick up their current series.


Plutonian was once a superhero, but now he’s picking off his comrades and their families one by one. Worse what he did to his partner will have you thinking “Was that really necessary?” As the remainder of the team try to figure out the man they never knew, the man who has now turned on them, they are under attack. Just what made Plutonian do this? Mark Waid has created a villain with reasons for his evil ways. What readers must do now is the same as the surviving superheroes – find out who Plutonian was before he joined the team. A mystery and an action packed story will keep you coming back on a monthly basis.

Then there’s the reversed half of this comic Incorruptable. Plutonian goes insane and now Max Damage is saving lives? Mark Waid turns the idea of hero on its head with these dual comics. Somebody has to help save the world and its Max Damage’s job to do it. Perhaps, but to make sure how this all turns out it’s a good idea to check out both series.

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