Last Week in Free MP3s 9-16

“What You Need” – Tiga

At first listen you may think something is wrong with your mp3 player. The actual dance track doesn’t come into play until well into the first minute. However the remainder of “What You Need” isn’t better than the intro. It just sounds like more noise companioned with the title being constantly repeated with a heavy dose of pedestrian lyrics thrown into the mix. At best it may give you a headache, at worst you’ll wonder where all the music has gone.

“Whole New Way” – Scissor Sisters

Did The Eagles tape an illegal pharmaceuticals moment – no it’s Scissor Sisters’ “Whole New Way.” The worst parts of this song are the lyrics. If they aren’t overtly offensive in a not-so-cool-way, then they’re downright insipid. Don’t waste your time.

“My Time” – Minus the Bear

Minus the Bear’s “My Time” is a song that lacks replay value. The rhythmic arrangement and lyrics aren’t memorable making the song forgettable right after it’s over.

“Heirloom” – Sufjan Stevens

“Heirloom” has a beautiful melody, unfortunately the lyrics get in the way of a great listening experience. There are some songs that don’t need words and this is one of them. If you can find an instrumental version of this track then go for it.

“Woke to See” – Pieter Noonan

“Woke to See” has a haunting melody that will suck you in. Still the lamenting lyrics are unnecessary as they don’t add to the rich emotions that the music by itself exudes. Still it is listenable.

“With or Without You” – Sarah Darling

Remakes of classic songs done by artists who are still rocking are tricky at best to pull off. But, Sarah Darling’s rendition of U2’s “With or Without You” is an enchanting version with just the right touch of a haunting quality that made the first version a huge hit. Definitely give this free download a try.

“I Don’t Believe You” – The Thermals

Just because you can put two sentences together doesn’t make you a writer. While guitar and drums work well here on this track it is the lyrics that make this song unlistenable. The title is constantly repeated making the song as annoying as your little brother poking you in the arm on a long road trip. Skip it.

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