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Episode Commentary: “Make it Quick Fitzgerald!”

Much like the season premiere, “Bored to Death” continues to stockpile the laughs with a plethora of developments that make this half hour show enjoyable.

After the first episode, Jonathan has enough problems to deal with, but when his girlfriend tells him she’d like to experiment in bed with her first love and him, he begins to get even more neurotic. When he actually goes through with the deed, he starts to question the size of his “manhood.”

Luckily Ray, who is still fighting to get Leah back, has no problem inspecting his equipment and telling him he’s fine. That doesn’t make things any easier for him though. Put on a new case by Richard Antrem, to find out if his wife, Priscilla is cheating, Jonathan’s troubles are quickly mounting. Originally hesitant, Jonathan takes the gig for the dough, but what he finds out is shocking.

It’s not a coincidence that George is somehow involved in this whole mess [lets just say Antrem’s wife, and George’s ex, brings out the vampire in George] and Jonathan ultimately has to pick a side. Will it be money or friendship? While you never really get the feeling that Jonathan is going to go to the dark side here, you do get the sense that he hates having to be in the situation. He later warns George and ends up finding out way too much information. At the same time, he learns that George never stopped loving Priscilla.

It’s a softer side to the pot-smoking editor that seems to have advice for everyone, but never lets anyone truly in. For one of the first times in the series, we see that George needs love just as much as everyone else.

Through all of this, the end developments leave the trio of Antrem, Jonathan and George back at square one as far as their trust and business relationships are concerned. Nevertheless, it looks like the whole situation might end up bringing them closer than they ever thought they’d be.

Where this situation eventually goes should be an interesting one and fuel what looks to be a very good sophomore season of “Bored to Death,” or at least guide the next episode.

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