Last Week in Free MP3s 10-08

“Telephone” – The Black Angels

A fun track that is straight to the point. Heavy guitar and drums don’t hurt either as they punctuate this ‘60s Beatles type vibe.

“Wreck Your Wheels” – Kim Richey

Ballads could go one or two ways – syrupy sweet or self-indulgent. For “Wreck Your Wheels” its neither as Kim Richey’s matter-of-fact tone tells it straight. It’s an honest track with bite and it’s free. You should give it a listen.

“Juniper” – Y La Bamba

There’s music, then there’s sound that tests your patience. Just because someone gives you studio time and a microphone doesn’t make you an artist. None of the pieces of this track come together and that makes for an unpleasant listening experience at best.

“Too Young To Burn” – Sonny & The Sunsets

Hand clapping is always a catchy opening, but it shouldn’t be the best part of the song. The rest of “Too Young To Burn” is slow and monotonous. Skip it.

“My Best Theory” – Jimmy Eat World

There’s nothing special about “My Best Theory.” It sounds like a song that Duran Duran rejected in the early ‘80s. Still if you like that type of sound it is free.

“Washing of the Water” – Peter Gabriel

More spoken word than song “Washing of the Water” is told in quiet desperation. There’s something about Peter Gabriel that evokes an emotion and makes you continue to listen to his voice. It also makes you want to go out and get the album and that’s what a successful free download should do.

“Undertow” – Warpaint

Some people shouldn’t be allowed musical instruments and a microphone. A group of uncoordinated four-year olds with no rhythm could do better than this. Don’t bother.

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