‘Second Chance’ by Cory Morrow: Free I-Tunes Single of the Week

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Cory Morrow is a singer/songwriter that is most recognized in the Southwest for his distinct country music.

Learning to play guitar during his high school years was definitely a huge advantage for him, simply because he was able to stronger cultivate his growth of being a musician throughout college, where he was a part of the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity.

In 1993, Morrow moved to Austin, Texas. He figured it would be a better place to strive for the music career that he was searching for.

That was where he became a part of the Red Dirt music scene. It was an easier way for fans of country music to separate him and others from the common Nashville music scene.

Between the years of 1997 and 2010, Morrow has released, in total, about twelve albums and EPs.

Morrow’s latest full length CD, “Brand New Me,” came out on September 17, 2010. It contains his most recent and popular single, ‘Second Chance.’

This particular track is extremely uplifting. Whether someone is a country fan or not, it is still capable of sending a positive message.

Morrow’s vocals are smooth and soulful, allowing his love for the country genre to be quite obvious.

The guitar riffs included in this song are not only original, but they are also highly suitable when it comes to the following background tambourine and piano playing.

‘Second Chance’ definitely portrays a spirited and optimistic vibe that fans of Texas country music will be able to appreciate. If not a fan of such a genre, the cheerfulness that Morrow demonstrates should be something not a single individual should judge.

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