The Debut of Kenny Powders, Powers

Introducing some new characters and the return of one “special” one, the second season of “Eastbound and Down” continues to impress.

With Stevie Janowsky back in the fold, Kenny Powers should have had some explaining to do. Running up a $20,000 credit card bill and later shooting someone in the leg will do those sorts of things. But instead, things look like they’re quickly back to normal between the two.

You know, with Janowsky being his ever-loving doormat and Kenny continuing to abuse him every chance he gets.

Why though? It would have been great to see them fight it out, and throw a complete curveball to the audience. It makes sense though that they didn’t, at Janowsky was born to be the loser here and he makes it too goddamn easy for Kenny to take advantage of him.

It’s something Kenny just has to do.

The first few seconds of the show were hilarious, as Janowsky employed the service of a local hooker to help find his “best” friend. What soon follows is some great dialogue that leads into the developing scene between the Mexican baseball team owner Sebastian and Kenny. Overall, the addition of Sebastian adds another element to the show, as Kenny now has two people he can sabotage any time he wants.

Seeing Kenny explain how he needs this huge pyrotechnic show before he comes on the mound is insane and when it actually gets pulled off, it’s so over the top that you can’t help but laugh.

Hulk Hogan music, fireworks and middle fingers- what more could you ask for when a racist, steroid-using reliever comes out of the bullpen?

While Powers’ debut goes as planned, the Mexican fans could care less. The team stinks and they’re grossly poor. Baseball games there are about having fun with family and getting away. Definitely not the spectacle Powers’ is used to in the United States.

Looks like this gringo has a lot to learn. And he knows it.

You get the sense that reality has hit him square in the jaw, but by the end of the episode, with Janowsky back in the fold, the epiphany is a short-lived one and this character is quickly back to his old tricks.

He’ll never learn, but that’s not a bad thing at all. Well, for the viewer at least.

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