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Episode Commentary: I’ve Been Living Like a Demented God

With George dealing with prostate cancer, this episode of “Bored to Death” starts off with one of his often-witty dialogues, but this time, it’s a bit more heartfelt. Scared of passing on, George quickly trades in his seriousness for his usual talk of the great marijuana he smoked in the episode before.

With Jonathan on a case shortly thereafter and Ray basking in his new-found celebrity from his comic [you know the one about a man whose penis grows exponentially after touching the third rail on the subway], the episode quickly reverts to its wacky and often charming tone.

As a result, this episode has a nice duality, even if it’s a short-lived one.

Jonathan’s case this week sends him to Brooklyn College [renamed Midwood College for the show] where he helps a junkie professor get an autographed copy of Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road” back after selling it to his dealer for snuff. While on the case, Louis shows up and all of a sudden the two are in a fight for their lives. In a scene eerily reminiscent of “The Lord of the Flies” and a B-movie action romp, Jonathan shockingly takes care of the drug dealers chasing them, in time to return to George and share his tale.

Speaking of George, after failing a drug test and using his cancer as his excuse, he finds a small happiness, which quickly fades to fear. What will happen to him this season? The epicenter of wit on the show, seeing George’s character display more honesty and experience with Jonathan and Ray has been a blast and given the show an extra level of fun. No longer just the older pothead, Ted Danson’s character is perhaps the most intriguing on the show.

With so many zany situations to follow, the second season of “Bored to Death” continues to satisfy and unlike the trio’s love of marijuana, there’s no reason to hide your affection for it.

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