Album Commentary: Chrisette Michele’s ‘Let Freedom Reign’

Chrisette Michele has done it again with her latest album, “Let Freedom Reign.” With every song, a message as well asa powerful reminder of what an artist’s voice truly sounds like.

The introduction track, Fairy Tales and Castles sets the fantastic tone. Following this less than a minute message, the lastest single, I’m a Star, shines. This track is easy to dance to, shows off her great voice, and is lyrically amazing. The soprano R&B/jazz feel and catchy chorus is recipe for a hit song.

All jokes aside,Number One, the next song off the album, has the potential to be #1. Featuring very strong lyrics and an uptempo beat, this showcases the sounds of a confident singer, a great chorus and an even better bridge/break. This should be on the radio. “I’m a beautiful queen/I’m gonna be my one and only.”

Fairy Tales and Castles Pt2 is a break piece that sounds like a few seconds worth of a lullaby. It is followed by the track, I Don’t Know Why, But I Do, which is the first ballad off the album. It is a beautifully written and song. The Piano and vocals make the perfect combination for this song. Each note hits with feeling and power.

Let Freedom Reign feat. Talib Kweli & Black Thought is the title track which raises many political messages. With lyrics such as, “Freedom isnt free it’s earned,” the track makes a statement. Michele’s voice shines amongst the raps featured on this one. The chorus speaks volumes regarding social injustice.

Goodbye Game is an awesome R&B ballad. “I’d rather play alone/I can’t play a fool anymore/that’s the good bye game” It is a theme song for the broken-hearted. Michele knows how to sing about moving on, but is not afraid to let the hurt affect the song.

So Cool is a mid-tempo track on the album that has hit potential-if the chorus was not so repetitive. We get it. You’re Cool. Again, about it’s all about heartache, and moving on. Seems like the on-going theme on this album, but this one will make fans want to dance.

So in Love feat. Rick Ross begins with Ross’ rap introducing Michele’s vocals- setting the tone for a romantic hip/hop track. This one’s got a great sound. This has radio play-ability.

So in Love Skit is just a mere eleven second statement that then dives into the track, I’m in Your Life. This one will remind fans of a young Mary J. Blige. The song has a nice beat. And again oozes confidence from our young artist. “I’m the only life you got.” Lyrically cocky, but a fun and smooth track nonetheless.

I’m From NY Skit takes you into Unsaid, a song with a soprano key. Again, this one also contains a great message of actions speaking louder than words. Michele has another hit on her hands with this track.

If Nobody Sang Along: A piano and violin ballad questioning the media and what would happen if there were no audience. “Without it would we hear music? /would I take the time to write it/would I say whats on my mind” It’s a very intriguing piece and quite rare to find a song that philosophically takes on the influence media has on both artist and audience

I Know Nothing: “Who knows all there is to know?” Michele uses her voice to express her humanity: feelings, definition of self, and even her curiosity regarding life and what it all means. This song sums it up. Michele does in fact know something: How to create a hit record. Just saying.

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