What Kind of Fight Was That?

In this week’s episode, the boys come together in an attempt to gauge Reichan’s feelings over his recent breakup. Reichan is hurting, but he is only hurting due to his own actions.

Reichan needs to put some distance in between Austin and himself. It seems to certain people that when a guy brings champagne and strawberries to someone’s place, it screams rebound sex in the making. Also, the animosity between Austin and Rodiney is not going to just evaporate into the air. The two of them have had more than one moment of sheer awkwardness and pent up anger.

It looks like Rodiney was having a great time in Miami being that he was away from New York and his drama with Rodiney. With his latest booking, it originally looks like maybe he will be able to move back to Miami.

However, with a lack of jobs in Miami, Rodiney made his way back to New York to deal with a few unresolved issues. On a good note, it looks like Austin, Ryan and TJ have made a truce and put their differences aside.

Shockingly, later on, Reichan and Rodiney also set aside their differences and decided to get their relationship another try. At dinner, where Reichan asks the boys for their support is when the Armani shirts come off and the Everlast boxing gloves came on. All of the boys are at their second attempt at love, especially Austin. Austin’s lack of restraint is what sent Rodiney over the edge.

Well, isn’t America surprised by what happened this week? The fight that was supposed to be heard around the world did not turn out to be that much of a fight. With a few drinks being thrown, a tackle and a few punches, it was all over.

Now that the “big fight” is done with, it looks like the silver lining is about to make an appearance for the A-listers. With a few more episodes left, it looks the tension may finally be over.

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