Ending a Franchise Three-Dimensionally

Horror franchises have it rough nowadays. If it ends up defying the odds by being original and different, it’ll draw in a ton of money, forcing the producers to develop sequels.

Here, the series will begin to lose focus and start to get off tack in terms of telling a consistent story that keeps audiences interested and excited to what will happen next.

Such is the case with the once venerable Saw series, as the last these films, the newly released “Saw 3D,” lacks even a decent story. Instead, audiences are greeted with lame, gory 3-D effects to go along with horrific acting, which in the end, is the scariest part of the entire film.

The plot was extremely weak, and lackluster, to the point where it was almost comical that this film was even made. This should have been the film’s last scream, an opportunity to get back to its roots and scare the piss out of its hardcore fans one last time. Instead, it’s meek, monotonous and morose.

After the second film in the series, the only thing this franchise had going for it was the endings that led into the next film. Knowing that this is the last film in the series and the element is nonexistent, why would you even watch it?

Overall, after watching this film, you come to realize that this franchise was a complete waste of time and the hours spent watching it are an afterthought. While the money kept piling up after each film in this series, the lack of creativity dwindled with each sequel; by the time we get to this film, there seems to be none left.

3D movies haven’t been setting new standards in theaters over the past few years and “Saw 3D” isn’t changing things. It’s sad that the same series that scared the crap out of us, with a great story and with actors like Cary Elwes and Danny Glover involved in it just six years ago has turned into this god-forsaken mess that isn’t even worth the price of a decent pair of 3D glasses.

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