‘Pretty Girl Rock,’ by Keri Hilson: Free I-Tunes Single of the Week

Though it uses cliché lyrics such as, “Don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m beautiful,” Keri Hilson’s single “Pretty Girl Rock” flawlessly demonstrates her boldness and the beauty that she finds within herself.

With the help of artists, Ne-Yo and Chuck Harmony, this particular track is filled with uplifting, stylish beats that suit the message that Hilson is presenting.

For obvious reasons, this type of song would be more appreciated by ladies, rather than gentlemen.

She is constantly referring to how attractive and talented she believes that she is, along with the jealousy the other girls have for her.

For females, this tune would most likely create blasting vibes of assurance that no matter who you are, you should always feel pretty and confident.

Yet it might be wonderful to hear and notice how proud someone can be of themselves, but in general, Hilson’s voice throughout “Pretty Girl Rock” isn’t all that impressive, nor is it very original.

It almost sounds as if she is trying to be exactly like Beyonce.

In fact, her vocals are quite mediocre and if this song were to be heard continually, it can easily become irritating.

Even though the purpose of the track is to show Hilson’s high self-esteem level and maybe boost others, the overall concept seems somewhat childish. It would have been a lot better if she increased her promotion as a woman, rather than a little girl.

If the lyrics that were chosen were much more creative and not so repetitive, there would be a higher possibility that first time listeners would take Hilson more seriously.

Not only were the verses bland, but the background music itself was unexpected. Seeing that Hilson is supposed to be a R&B/Soul artist, the beats should have been more applicable with the genre, rather than sounding extremely poppy.

Overall, there are plenty of pro’s and con’s within this song, but in the end, it all depicts on whether or not a person would enjoy listening to how much Hilson loves herself.

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