Kenny’s Dream Realized in Season Finale?

Not even the craftiest television watcher could have seen the climax of “Eastbound and Down” happening.

Sure, it was funny and maintained many of the tones the show is known for, but to be as heartfelt as it ended up being, was a work genius.

After five and half episodes of dealing with Kenny Powers’ nonsense, it appears he has a heart- a quite big one at that.

Working so hard to get a major league team interested in him, Powers now has a choice to make his dreams come true again. But now, he may even be willing to trade in all the star power for what he said he always wanted all along.

The writers have a year to figure it all out and even with all the wacky scenes and plot development, it’s all worked out marvelously. If the development in this character this season is any indication, the third season of this show will be much different. At the same time, while Powers will be swimming once again in uncharted waters (well, for him anyway) we should expect some instances of old Kenny rearing his fantastically ugly, mullet-shaped head.

Insert laughter here- and a handful of montages too.

All jokes aside, to see Powers handle the last scene with April the way he did proves that he’s human after all. After all the sex, drugs, debauchery and nonsense, Powers can feel just as much as any of us. Maybe, he feels a little bit more.

As a result of this, the character has never been more relatable and magnetic, putting a stamp of approval on the second season and setting up a third that looks full of promise.

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