Soon to be Fight Club?

This show just keeps getting better and better. There seems to be no end to the “he said, he said” drama with these men. The back-stabbings, the cheating and the lies are all the makings of a great reality series.

Derek and Mike volunteer their time to help Reichen find the new face for his jewelry line, Fly Naked. At the same time, Derek and his new romantic interest, Roberto, are taking steps up to the next level. Derek invites him to meet his mother. Only men who are serious boyfriend material are given the opportunity to meet the folks. They have had their communication problems, but they are working through them, unlike some other couples out there.

Later on, the tears start flowing as Rodiney reveals that he cannot trust Reichen and that he is not happy anymore living with him. Rodiney may be ready to finally walk away from this situation and who would really blame him. It seems that Reichen has, gradually, been becoming more and more distant from Rodiney.

Reichen, of course, sees the situation differently. He saw it as an invasion of his privacy but privacy rights go out the window when your partner senses that you are withholding information from them.

The writing has been on the wall for this couple from the beginning- they were destined to not go the distance and Rodiney finally called it quits.

While it looks like Reichen and Rodiney’s relationship may be done, but the show is not over yet. The boiling point will be reaching its limit soon enough, but the infamous fight scene, which has been in the promotions for the show for weeks now, will at long last happen for the A-listers.

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