Best RAW of the Year

Easily the best RAW of the year thus far.


Who could have expected that Jerry “The King” Lawler would have come so close to winning the world title, to only be robbed by Michael Cole, of all people?

Sure, the tension between the two has been building over the past few weeks, especially after King showed his reverence for Jim Ross on RAW old school, but this? This was pretty nuts. Seeing Lawler get a title shot was interesting enough, but to see him get as close as he did was pure entertainment.

What happens next week should definitely be interesting and worth tuning into.

Aside from that, the matches this week were solid as well in spite of a few clunkers. The angle between Santino Marella and Jimmy Snuka’s daughter is cute, but what happened to her managing the Uso’s? The tag team division in the WWE needs some depth and they could be a great team if pushed. Guess that’s not going to happen soon.

The same thing goes for the Divas. Sure, they’re all cute and athletic, but these six-gal tags do nothing for any of them. There’s no heat at all in the ring there. Natty Neidhart is one of the best female wrestlers today and if the WWE doesn’t find her a suitable dance partner or two, she’s just a waste of a roster spot. In fact, all of them are if this company doesn’t find a way to use them properly.

At the same time the WWE has played it smart by having John Cena on RAW in the role he’s in. With The Miz as champ, the fans need a bonafide babyface and Cena is one of the best ever. His eventual tango with Wade Barrett needs to be played well and as of right now, there’s a nice sinergy going on there.

It was also nice to see a full King of the Ring tournament and on RAW of all places, but the crown doesn’t mean anything anymore. Sheamus already has a few World Title reigns under his belt, what could winning this tournament prove? That the company expects big things from him? Really? This is the problem the WWE has created for itself by pushing talent too quickly. Fans have nothing to be patient or appreciative for anymore. If the WWE was smart, they would have started pushing someone in the summer and had them win, maybe even Barrett, especially if they expect him to be able to hold water in the ring when he finally squares off with Cena when it means something.

But that’s all wishful thinking.

In spite of all of these small problems though, this episode of RAW has us hungry for next week.

When was the last time we said that?

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