‘Wish List’ by Neon Trees: Free I-Tunes Single of the Week

Filled with holiday spirit and Christmassy melodies, ‘Wish List’ by Neon Trees is certainly an appropriate track for this time of year.

Though such a tune should contain a happy-go-lucky type of vibe, lead vocalist, Tyler Glenn’s inspiration for this track was the thoughts of wanting to get his ex girlfriend back.

‘Wish List’ might be the title that Neon Trees chose to use, but technically, Glenn is only asking for one thing.

Throughout the entire song, he uses lovely lyrics that can easily portray a comforting image in any listener’s head. The overall message he is sending is that all he simply wants for Christmas is for his girl to return.

At first, when listening to this confession, it may come off as a bit corny. But than again, many can relate to what Glenn feels, which makes his sensitive emotions perfectly okay.

The alternative rock and new wave flavor that the rest of the band contributes with their instruments surprisingly fits well with the lively Christmas harmony. The guitar chords and drum beats are very simple, rather than too outrageous. This allows the meaning of the vocals to withstand.

Neon Trees might have edginess to their style, but they still managed to keep the holiday concept.

Whether a person celebrates Christmas or not, nevertheless, ‘Wish List’ is capable of remaining admired and enjoyable.

The fact that they launched a unique tune for the winter season, as a band, it obviously shows that they are headed in the right direction.

Photo by Cynthia Spataro

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