There’s a New Wii Board in Town

Snakebyte has yet again launched an awesome new piece of equipment for the Nintendo Wii console-The Premium Fitness Board. Unlike the other Wii boards out there, this board comes packed with the latest Bluetooth technology , is super easy to sync, and knows it’s gamer at the slightest touch.

The Snakebyte Premium Fitness Board, although lightweight, has incredible sensory detectors. The activity indicators will light almost immediately once a player adds pressure to the Premium Fitness Board. And don’t let its light weight fool you; this thing is incredibly durable.

Pressure sensitive and coming with four senors that weigh the player with its LCD built-in scale, this piece of hardware has more options than any other Wii board on the market. In fact, it measures your weight on its own, so when you step off, the board recognizes any changes. The board can hold up to 180kg in weight, and can weigh a player regardless of the console. So, if you’re one of those gamers who is strapped for cash, convince your wife or loved ones that you need a new scale, which can also be used to play Wii games with.

Even better, this Wii board holds 96 more pounds than Nintendo’s version, allowing people who want to get into shape and couldn’t with the old board, an opportunity to. Sleek, yet tough, bigger gamers won’t feel self-conscious when stepping on this board. Even if you are under the 300-pounds the Nintendo board allows, if you have small children, you may need a tougher device to handle the wear and tear that comes with having kids around with your games. Because of this fact alone, this peripheral is a must-own.

The board is completely compatible with every Wii game using the balance board. Wii Fit works perfectly with the peripheral, so players can have endless Wii fun with the game it was intended to be used with. The board works great with other Wii games such as Bandai’s We Ski too, allowing gamers to play with ease and enjoyment.

If that wasn’t enough, Snakebyte’s latest technology is not only easy to install, it is also a fine addition to anyone’s Wii if they have a game that allows for “boarding.” With so many cool features and an extra tough, yet good-looking design, everyone will enjoy this accessory.

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