Quite Possibly the Best ‘Call of Duty’ Ever

“Call of Duty” is back and better than ever. If you’re looking for non-stop action to go along with an exciting and witty multi-player mode, then this game tops them all.

Make no mistake, Black Ops brings out the big guns, in what may eventually be remembered as the best game in the franchises history.

Taking place in the ’60s, the opening menu will get you excited by the setup it displays, making you feel like you are a part of the action. Black Ops starts off in a first-person vision, where SOG operative Alex Mason, is strapped in a chair in an interrogation room. Mason, unaware of his whereabouts, has numbers come up on a screen, along with a mysterious, distorted voice insisting to him what the numbers mean, as well as a location of a numbers station. The only problem is that Mason doesn’t remember anything about the numbers or the station, but he does remember parts of the war, which are presented in flashbacks between 1961 and 1968.

Essentially, the flashbacks are the missions that are played throughout the campaign mode.

If it feels a bit different than most of the others games [a little Assassin’s Creed-esque, eh?] that’s because it is.

The enhanced weapon selections, separate this game from its predecessors as well. That doesn’t mean the game doesn’t have an intriguing storyline, that will have you in suspense throughout though. More importantly however, the great game play that brought you to the series in the first place is still intact. While you play in the campaign mode, you’ll notice new features that involve slow motion matrix parts that give the game a great new effect as well as some new checkpoints in which you bungee jump and use rope as leverage while going down tall buildings, while smashing through windows and blasting away the bad guys.

There are also plenty of plane and boat missions that give Black Ops that extra authentic feel. At the same time, the game’s action is very fast and thrilling. Overall, when playing Black Ops, you’ll think of big blasts and even louder bangs. Kind of like a Michael Bay movie with heart. With that said, there are no duds here. It’s disappointing when you go through a game quickly and expect more. With Black Ops that is not the case. You will definitely break a sweat and get your work in with this one.

While having this much polish n the single-player campaign is great, most people play Call of Duty for the online features. Activision did not disappoint here either. It also gives the online play an extra kick by adding more maps and being more realistic in terms of kill streaks and how you can take out your opponents. Not to mention that it is a ton of fun.

Overall, Black Ops is all you can ask for in a Call of Duty game. The missions are solid, and most importantly, the campaign mode is longer, unlike the previous games. In previous games, there were complaints about the story line being short, but this time Activision gets it right. Black Ops is definitely a must get. No questions asked.

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