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“Blood Trinity” is the first in the new Belador series by Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love and introduces us to a fantasy fiction world where there supernatural beings from different worlds are in fact walking among humans. Kenyon and Love introduce readers to a new supernatural underground world set in the Altanta heat. The battle between human and demon, an ancient fantasy fiction war waged on for centuries, takes on a whole new meaning in this contemporary spin.

Our protagonist, Evalle, an Alterant (supernatural warrior), is hidden among us, and in a lot of danger when we first encounter her. She is caught between her mystical world, and ours. She is in a constant personal agenda to understand, while hiding her origin from the people she walks among. She has powers, but as a half breed of her race, she has limits, though nonetheless still a force to be reckoned with. Some of her disabilities include being in the sun, and when she’s seized with intense pain or emotion, she shifts into a creature. When others of her kind are imprisoned, because they are unable to control their own inner creature. The very fact that Evalle can shift is not only rare, but also a guarded secret she fears will soon be exposed.

Evalle is part of VIPER, a supernatural organization out to protect us. When they learn of a great stone is about to come into the possession of a powerful source, they are forced into action. The stone’s a dangerous object when left in the wrong hands, VIPER sends Evalle on the quest to find it. Readers will learn of her quest, her past and have an action-packed adventure along the way. Along the way, she is hunted, accused of murder, and loses friends, and in an almost never-ending fight for survival.

Like all fantasy fiction, there are parallels to the nonfiction world. Evalle’s world, is chock full of hardship, violence, and discrimination. Those of mixed heritage/blood are often mistrusted, and Evalle’s differences, although amazing, are not to be trusted by certain people she encounters. Kenyon and Love play with these themes and topics to not only make the story dramatic, but also real. The authors also brilliantly bring up the topics of loyalty, trust, and friendship, as Evalle has difficulty with those aspects in her life.

Overall, this a fantastic first book to the series. The novel will be tough to put down. If you’ve never read a fantasy fiction series before, it may start off a bit confusing, but once given the chance, the storyline will suck you in. “Blood Trinity” is an overall great read for adults that love the fantasy fiction genre. It provides a kick-ass female protagonist and tons of action packed scenes. Of course, there are also undertones of drama and romance too, which also make for good reading. As a result, the authors will make fans out of readers, who will beg for more.

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