Starting the Year Off on the Wrong Foot

With all of Fortune and Immortal in the ring to start this past week’s episode of TNA Impact!, it appeared the company was off on the right foot for the new year. However, by the end, it was impossible to escape the feeling of inadequacy the show left its viewers with.

While it’s hard to bash the in-ring action, because for the most part, it was all solid and what you’d expect from the company, several storylines are a disaster and were a waste of time on both this week’s Impact and the Genesis Pay Per View tonight.

For one, seeing the Jeff Jarrett MMA Invitational come to an end was a godsend for the company. Seriously, how can have a professional wrestler, in this day and age, waste fans time with a “MMA Exibition” every week? We know that it’s Jeff Jarrett’s company, but how egotistical can one man be to force fans [who would much rather want to watch people like Samoa Joe and A.J. Styles wrestle their asses off] to watch him pretend to be an MMA fighter? Despite the fact that it was great to see Kurt Angle come back at the hopefully-end of this angle as well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to get the fact that their match tonight at Genesis is going to be a complete bore.

Speaking of a bore in the ring, seeing the Brothers 3D in the ring against one another is going to be something that’ll put fans to sleep faster than a handful of Tylenol PM. These guys are two of the toughest tag team wrestlers in the business and it’s been proven time and time again that they need one another to be as successful as they want to be. With that being said, why would TNA do the same thing the WWE did eight years ago, that didn’t work?

Even funnier is that TNA prolonged a boring as hell angle with The Pope, to only have Samoa Joe come out and call him out, with no match being scheduled for the future? With a pay per view looking flaccid as hell, why not get the newly re-signed Joe back in the ring with a talented athlete like the Pope? Instead, TNA would rather have them both talk drivel in the ring for five minutes and waste the fans time.

Another waste of time was having someone like Doug Williams, a solid technical wrestler, in the ring with a genetic freak with little talent like Rob Terry. A few months ago, Terry was the Global Champion and was being used in a way to make the most out of his powerhouse abilities- now he’s just the guy that holds Ric Flair’s jacket. Thankfully, that match was interrupted by Styles, a guy who will have a great match with Williams at Genesis.

Aside from that, the whole business with Rob Van Dam was a disgrace as well, as Jarrett ended up playing his MMA angle again in ridiculous match that was only saved by TNA Champ Jeff Hardy’s interference. Will those two face off at Genesis? If not, then Hardy’s interference in that match and the dozen or so minutes RVD was complaining on Impact! was all for naught.

In the end, TNA needs to manage its time better and give the fans more of what they want- great wrestling action and solid storylines. While they have the in-ring component down to a science, they need to improve their angle writing and fast.

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