‘Rollerblades’ by Eliza Doolittle: Free I-Tunes Single of the Week

Filled with free-spirited and spontaneous vibes, Eliza Doolittle is an English singer-songwriter from London that has been signed to Parlophone record label since October 2008.

Though she has been active for a few years, she has only issued one self-titled album. It was released on July 12, 2010.

Once it was debuted, her bundle of pop, folk, soul and ska flavors allowed the CD to be listed at number three in the UK charts.

That’s pretty good for a 22-year-old that has recently joined the scene.

Doolittle’s third popular single, “Rollerblades,” provides a distinct style that can be reminded of Amy Winehouse and Vanessa Carlton.

This type of track explains the aspects of why a person might keep another individual in their life, regardless of how unbeneficial they can be. The connection or “chemistry” that revolves around these two is what keeps the relationship necessary.

The choice of lyrics within this song are creative and unique. Though they might contain a few metaphors, the concept is still easy to understand.

Doolittle’s voice throughout the entire tune is very comforting and sweet. She keeps her volume and tone at a reasonable level; flowing with natural essence. It’s quite obvious that she is not trying to demonstrate herself as something that she’s not.

From beginning to end, the background music in “Rollerblades” is pure and simple. Sounds of whistling and piano playing are constantly being heard, causing the three minute experience to be a pleasant one.

As a whole, the harmony, melody and vocals piece together intensely well.

With the blend of cheerfulness, elegance, and a steady singing voice, this track is certainly catchy enough to intrigue any future listeners.

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