Ten Resolutions for Professional American Wrestling Companies for 2011

With 2011 now underway, Review Fix EIC Patrick Hickey Jr. gives out some resolutions to the three major wrestling companies in the United States.

10- Ring of Honor: Pick up the pace and develop-
You guys have a talented roster, but go out of your way to pick up a legitimate heavyweight or develop your own and diversify your in-ring style. Adding older former stars from TNA is going to provide good matches, but fans need more than that. Everyone loves X-Division-styled matches, but if you want to grow in this business, you need to give the fans more than one reason to watch your show. Getting Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas was a good step in helping to build on the tag division, now just do it in the World Championship division. Roderick Strong is a great in-ring talent, but he needs a monster to help bring legitimacy to his reign.

9: TNA: Stop it with all the cliques-
It feels like the old WWF in the mid ‘90s when everyone was in some kind of group or faction. Keep a few around and develop them so they can stand strong on their own. Make the personalities the center of attention and not the group itself.

8: WWE: Make Miz earn his title-
Get this guy in a feud with a legitimate threat. John Morrison is a great athlete, but he’s not ready for the World Title. Put him in the ring with someone that can destroy him and have him build his credentials with his solid mic skills and putting in the man-hours in the ring. Anything less would be uncivilized.

7: TNA: Improved Storylines- No more silly Zen master storylines with Brian Kendrick and stop the nonsense with Orlando Jordan. Suspend our disbelief guys.

6:TNA: Make the X Division mean something again- Jay Lethal needs to defend that title on every show, against all comers. Samoa Joe just got resigned. Lets see a feud between those two.

5: WWE: Develop Tag Teams- Hardcore fans miss the good old days where there were three or four top teams at any given time, ready to go at it for a half hour at a time. The Usos are a talented group, but have lost too many matches to be taken seriously. The WWE needs to get their act together here and quick.

4: TNA: Try to get another show- Even if it’s for an hour, TNA needs more time on TV to develop their storylines. The extra hour after Impact is simply fodder. Most fans shut the show off right after the last match.

3: WWE: Pick up the pace in the ring- It’s understandable why Vince McMahon doesn’t want his wrestlers to break a sweat in the ring anymore, but ultimately that’s what many of the fans want. No one’s asking for huge spots every five minutes, but seeing these guys sweat at the end of a match, rather than look like beefed-up actors would be nice.

2: TNA: Stop deserting storylines every week- If you miss a few episodes of TNA Impact, sometimes it feels like you’re in a whole new world. For fans to get truly comfortable with the show and get addicted, they need continuity. Give it to them.

1: WWE: Gives fans back the Attitude Era- Fans miss the gritty sexy show you used to put on Vince. Why not give them what they want?

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