When Lower-Mid-Carders Just Want to Dance

If you thought the WWE’s tag team division was a disaster after you saw Santino Marella defeat Husky Harris, who has 150 pounds on him, with the Cobra, imagine how you must have felt when Great Khali and Mark Henry took on the Usos in a dance off.

Even worse was when Khali went to pin one of them after a small skirmish afterwards.

Nothing’s worse than being forced to watch an overrated giant who not only can’t dance, but also has the short-term memory of a fire ant.

You can’t pin someone after a dance off dude.

But wait, it gets better. Unfortunately, this was just the tip of the iceberg on a RAW that was easily one of the worst of the year thus far.

Truth be told, it was an episode that started off on the wrong foot completely. For one, why is Alberto Del Rio on RAW to announce he’s fighting Smackdown champ Edge? Isn’t that something that should be announced on Fridays show because they’re two distinct brands?

Not according to the creative team in the WWE. But what would you expect from the same people who gave a 60-year-old wrestler who hasn’t been a full-time worker in 18 years title shot at a pay per view. .

Pure genius.

It’s amazing that the WWE has no one that they can push instead of Jerry Lawler. Sure, he’s a loveable character, but seeing him in the RAW Rumble and holding his own with the likes of R-Truth, Sheamus, John Cena, knocking them on their rears with his old school punches was a disgrace. It’s not like you’re going to see the guy piledrive anyone either, so why is Lawler getting a push when there are so many youngsters capable of having a decent match with the Miz?

Because of this nonsense, the only person worse off in the WWE Universe right now than the fans is young Ted DiBiase, who got KOed by Lawler earlier in the show. Watch, next week, they’ll continue Lawler’s push by having Maryse be his manager or something else that makes absolutely no sense.
Everyone knows wrestling is fake, but great wrestling suspends disbelief. This garbage is simply cringe inducing.

The company also dropped the ball by not making time for Kevin Nash or Booker T on RAW, especially after the pop they participated in the Royal Rumble.

But that wasn’t in the plan.

Of course it wasn’t.

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