Writing the Wrongs and Building Bridges

Not a bad Impact last night.

Not a bad Impact at all.

Nonetheless, last night could have featured the best start to an episode of Impact ever.

With Bully Ray on the table and AJ Styles on top of the steel cage, it could have been magical.

But alas, it was only a tease.

But a damn good one at that.

It got you to keep watching.

And was it ever worth watching.

It appears that Gunner will begin a program with Christopher Daniels. This is an excellent move by TNA and one that will get Gunner over as a credible heel and continue to give Daniels an opportunity to strut his stuff. One of the best workers in the business, Daniels can take it and deliver it better than most and is a great person to help Gunner shed his old security guard gimmick and become a force in the company.

The same thing goes for Crimson and Abyss. Helping out Rob Van Dam, who had his hands full with Hulk Hogan and Abyss, Crimson came out to his own ring music. It appears his days of tagging with Scott Steiner are over. A match between him and Abyss will be fun to watch. Although he’s still a bit green, he’s got a nice-looking finisher and a great look. With Abyss guiding the match, any future confrontations between the two should be solid.

Speaking of RVD, he and Hogan cut a decent promo in the ring last night and were soon joined by Sting, who announced RVD will be his opponent at the next pay per view. Cut at a much faster pace than last week, TNA was much more fluid this week. If they can keep this up, the show will be much better overall.

At the same time, the Jeff and Karen Jarrett/Kurt Angle program is beyond boring. Every time the show looks as if it’s going to be solid, Jarrett comes and deflates the entire program. Sure, Karen is drop dead gorgeous, but it’s just not enough. Jarrett’s not even over anymore. Fans are sick of him. Enough is enough with this. Thank god for Eric Young providing the comedy relief that led to the Jarrett’s getting their just desserts. Otherwise, that segment could have killed the show tonight.

It was nice to see Matt Morgan cut a promo and tell the fans it was his time to get a title shot; it was sad to see TNA bring out Scott Steiner. While Steiner can still go, he’s a shell of what he used to be and another block in the road of Morgan. This program will be entertaining in the ring, but all it does is slow down Morgan’s rise and keep Steiner in the spotlight a little longer. At the same time, if Steiner can put Morgan over, it’ll help legitimize him. Regardless, this might not be the best thing for Morgan’s career right now.


Murphy and Rob Terry vs. Beer Money for the TNA World Tag Team Championship: Only 13 minutes in, this was a great first match. Combining the savvy of Beer Money vs. the power of Murphy and Terry, these guys can deliver a solid match when paired together, especially if Beer Money does the heavy lifting and makes the green Terry and Murphy look good. That means they have to sell, a lot. Thankfully, that’s what this match was essentially all about. Nevertheless, after Storm got the hot tag, he went on an offensive burst, which transitioned into his team taking over the match. After their suplex/powerbomb finisher, Beer Money kept their titles, but it was still a decent match.

Sarita and Rosita w/Anarquia and Hernandez vs. Madison Rayne and Tara: A disaster of a match that puts another dent in the relationship between Rayne an Tara. To see a former TNA Knockout champ pinned with a simple clothesline [even if her tights were being held] was a complete joke.

Rob Van Dam vs. Abyss: A quick match that saw Abyss get the win after he used a pipe that Hogan gave him and then a Black Hole Slam. Sad that everyone in Immortal has to win their matches by cheating. They have to be the weakest heel faction ever.

Sting vs. Matt Hardy: A good match that shows Hardy can hang with the TNA champ. In spite of interference from Gunner before the match started, Sting was able to win with the reverse DDT. After the match however, Mr. Anderson cleaned house, taking out both Sting and Hardy with his complete shot/mic check finisher.

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