Swift Rocks the Rock

On July 19, Talyor Swift rocked the Prudential Center in New Jersey to a sold out crowd for her Speak Now Tour. Fans waited as Ms. Swift began her concert an hour later than scheduled. Her opening acts, Daniel Gokey, of American Idol fame and the band Need to Breathe, warmed up the crowd for the pop country diva.

As Swift rose from the stage floor, drones of fans screamed her name, sang to her opening song, “Sparks Fly” and the party began. The concert lasted an hour and a half and Swift did not seem to tire easily. Her energy and pop rock tunes kept the audience pumped, as well as awake, since most of her tween fans were up for this concert well past bedtime.

Swift performed her greatest hits including, “Story of Us,” “Mean” and her encore, “Love Story.” Her songs were on point, though fans could barely hear her singing as they screamed along the words with her. The talented Swift played a ukulele, bango, piano and her infamous jeweled acoustic guitar.

The country star kept her fans entertained not only with her songs, but her costumes and set design. For “Enchanted,” the stage sparkled and transformed into a woodland fairytale setting and Swift wore a dazzling princess dress. The song, “Speak Now” called for a wedding ceremony and the Prudential Center suddenly turned into a chapel, as the singer showed up in bridesmaid formal wear.

Of course, Taylor fans know that no concert of hers is complete without an ex-boyfriend bashing. Songs like “Dear John,” rumored to be for John Meyer and “Better than Revenge,” supposedly for Joe Jonas, got the crowd hating on the two heartbreakers, as they sang along to every word.

Swift is certainly a crowd-pleaser and knows how to deliver the goods to a sold out concert. She even went as far as jumping off stage and into the audience to sing some of her favorites such as “Haunted.” This artist, still humbled by fame, knows how lucky she is and after each song, reminded her fans how thankful she was to be blessed with her “friends from Newark, New Jersey.”

Fans were obviously enchanted to be in her presence as well.

Photo by David Shankbone

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