True Blood Season Four Coverage: Forgetting More Than the First Episode

Episode Commentary: “You Smell Like Dinner”

After a mediocre first episode, True Blood bit back stronger than expected in the second episode of the season. Not only did it begin to develop several storylines that promise to deliver this summer, it did something the first episode didn’t.


While the first episode merely began to set the scene for the season, this episode provides a closer look at all of the characters and shows what they’ve been up to.

It’s a lot more than you were led to believe.

While there are developments aplenty, two storylines in particular appear the most interesting. The first involves the witches and what they’ve done to Eric. Apparently in a state of shock and without his memory, Eric is in serious trouble. After so original skepticism, it appears the vampires had it right to be afraid of what the witches might do. In spite of originally appearing as if he had everything he wanted, Eric is now perhaps at his weakest moment of the series.

Can he recover? And if so, how?

If you thought Eric was in dire straits, Jason is about to be turned into a panther against his will. What will be this character’s fate? Always a bit of a knucklehead, it’ll be interesting to see how Jason responds to life with some supernatural power.

If that wasn’t enough, it’s obvious that Bill still loves Sookie, in spite of his sexual tendencies with other women. Providing the back-story that led Bill to become a vampire spy, it appears that more pieces are beginning to come together.

Even better, it appears that there will be far less of the fairy world this season, ending what was easily one of the most lackluster segments in the series’ short history.

But wait, it gets better.

Between all of this, Jessica’s continued development as the resident secondary sex kitten on the show, the exploits of Arlene and Rene’s demon child and some focus on Sam and his new shifter friends, the show has the depth it had around the time it was at its creative best during season one and the beginning of two.

The only question is, can it keep it up all season?

All in all, the show appears it has reclaimed its overt sexiness, sense of danger and multiple strong storylines.

As a result, after an improper start, True Blood is back.

Bring on the blood, breasts and hard bodies; it’s going to be fun.

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