Wilfred Season One Coverage: Wilfred Bites Back

The laughs continue with the second episode of the FX comedy, “Wilfred.”

Although there were several moments where you literally wanted take Elijah Wood’s character, Ryan, and smack him several times, due to his stupidity, it ended up working. While we find out that he is very awkward around his beautiful neighbor Jenna, we also discover that he is afraid to make his move and take a big step forward to be in a relationship. When Ryan finally decides to man up and tells Jenna how he feels about her, there is an unexpected guest that is at her door.

In the second episode, “Trust,” Ryan betrays Wilfred’s trust when he agrees to take Wilfred to the vet in order to gain favor with Jenna. This deception yields an unexpected secret about her. Throughout this episode, there are several moments where you will laugh so hard, you will become light-headed. One scene involved Wilfred at the beach and as he played in the water he suddenly went over to several kids and threw a dead pelican towards them. Wilfred also goes over to random people and shakes off water on them. What makes this funny is the way Wilfred delivers his actions like an actual dog, but what makes it genius is that we visualize a grown man in a dog suit do it.

Although this episode drew plenty of laughs, there were instances where the audience will be shocked due to the way Wilfred turns the table on Ryan and gets payback after he was tricked while he thought he was headed to the movies, but instead ended up at the vet.

While Wilfred was under anesthesia, he tells Ryan a secret about Jenna that puts him in panic. When Ryan and Jenna watch television, Ryan starts to act weird, which turns off Jenna and forces her to leave. At this point of the episode, the laughs die down and frustration kicks in because of the way Ryan makes a complete fool of himself, but what will anger the audience is that he fails to do so.

Nevertheless, this episode of Wilfred was funny. It draws plenty of surprises, which will create plenty of interest throughout the season. This episode is like a jump start that will dive into the plot for the rest of the season. After a surprise climax to this episode it is certain that audiences will definitely be hooked to this dark comedy which has been a success thus far, and by the looks of it will get better as the season goes on.

When all is said and done this episode was an absolute treat, filled with laughs and several surprises.

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