Hell’s Kitchen Coverage: Elise, Elise, Elise

Are you tired of Elise yet? Well, you have to deal with her for a little while longer. Although it is safe to say that her chances of winning are about as likely as fish falling from the sky. Oh, wait.

Gordon Ramsey actually made a Wild Alaskan White Salmon fall from the sky. This $400 fish was the day’s challenge. The chefs had to make a dish using said salmon that would cost a pretty penny. The chef whose dish costs the most wins.

The chef who had the most trouble was Elise. She cooked the fish on both sides like a steak instead of skin side down. It’s nice to see there’s something Elise does not know how to do besides know when to shut her mouth.

The judges for this challenge were Justin Wyborn, GM of Nobu LA; Donato Poto, GM of Providence; and Chris Denton, maitre d’ of Mr. Chow.

Elise’s dish, obviously, does the worst, getting only an average price of $24.33. Paul does the best with $29.67. His prize is a helicopter ride around LA with Ramsey and lunch at Water Grill. He tells Tommy to come along with him.

You know, for a guy with tattoos all over his body, Tommy has a fear of heights. Who knew?

What we do you is Elise was being her usual self and not helping out during the punishment. She can’t blame any teammates this time around; she did have the worst dish after all. Although having her clean a $400 fish is not a good idea, seeing how she cooked it during the challenge.

At dinner service, you’d expect Jennifer to be one the best chefs at this point. But, for some reason, she was not communicating with Tommy when both of them did apps. Maybe hearing Paul call the owner of Water Grill hot messed her up seeing how she did have a crush on him. This lack of communication causes Tommy to bring up undercooked cappelini, which was not his fault. Ramsey even gets angry at him and Jennifer’s lack of communication.

Elise doesn’t fare well either. Jennifer clearly told her two minutes which should tell her to start cooking the scallops. Elise said Jennifer did not give her a time despite the evidence. Her enemy of the day, the salmon, gave her trouble again. She once again cooked the salmon on both sides, despite Paul and Ramsey repeatedly telling her to cook it skin side down. This only reinforces Elise’s lack of any desire to listen to anybody.

Ramsey tells her if she brought up one more improperly cooked salmon, he would throw everyone out. She undercooks the salmon again and everyone gets thrown out. Ramsey does, however, tell sous chef Andi to bring back Paul and Will to finish dinner service. Look on the bright side: Tito Jackson is in the dining room at dinner service. At least we have some soul in the building despite the complete lack of it in the kitchen.

After dinner service, Tommy takes offense to not being called back to finish dinner service, saying it was not his fault for having a bad service. How does Ramsey reply? “**** off, Tommy, or I’ll put your head in that (expletive) oven and talk to you through the (expletive) gas burner.” Charming.

It’s obvious that Elise and Jennifer are going up for elimination. Elise, being the sneaky one, decides to pull Paul and Will aside and tell them to say that Jennifer is the worst cook. Now she’s just being a devious little witch, seeing as how she royally messed up. Does this little talk work?

At elimination, Ramsey asks all three guys who’s the worst cook. Paul and Will both say Jennifer while Tommy says Elise. You can’t blame Jennifer for getting irate at the two for saying she’s the worst. Also, that expression Elise gives when Jennifer leaves just screams “Please, punch me. Really hard.”

Elise does not deserve to be in the final four. She may know how to cook a few things, but nobody would want to work with her because her attitude sucks. With the two hour season finale coming up, everyone knows that Paul and Will should be the final two this year. If Elise is in the finals or, god forbid, wins Hell’s Kitchen, Ramsey will not only lose all credibility, but will lose millions of loyal viewers. We’ll just have to wait until the finale to find out if Ramsey redeems himself.

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