True Blood Coverage: Don’t Dream It’s Over

It is fair to say that the True Blood finale started off with a stab and ended with a bang. But the question is was the audience satisfied with the episode in general?

Overall, this finale was similar to a bad B-movie, mixed with a Beverly Hills 901210 ’90s feel to it. The result could have been deadly, but instead it turned out to be a dud with a set up for next season.

What else is new.

There were a few story lines that wrapped up and others that weren’t even answered- Andy and the fairy for example. Although it wasn’t an important aspect of the season, it seemed to be a big waste all together. There were a few unexpected characters who returned, that may play a role in the next season, but overall it is not worth the excitement.

A typical moment in this episode involved Sookie, Eric and Bill and of course. the decision. This could have been similar to Lebron James and his big decision to play for the Miami Heat. With this situation, we have the Sookie Stackhouse decision. Who is she to choose? Bill or Eric. Obviously, her decision was predictable in that she chose neither of them. A moment that reminded you of an episode of Beverly Hills 90210 when Kelly had to make a choice between Brandon and Dillon, the end result cheesy all by itself.

The scenes that involved Marnie were reminiscent to a bootleg Tim Burton movie. The acting was very stale and scenes were filled with useless whinny dialogue.

The background music did not help either.

The set up plot developments for next season, especially involving Bill and Eric do not look as exciting as previous seasons. Although there is not much that is revealed you get the idea that they will have some tricks up their sleeve and wreak havoc in Bon Temps some how, especially that they did not get the girl.

The climax of this episode tried so hard to be dramatic and shocking, but was completely botched by horrific slow motion shots, that were reminiscent of the Michael Myers Halloween movies, probably a coincidence that the episode took place on Halloween.

Overall, it was more of a Trick instead of a Treat for this waste of a season finale. You definitely now what you are going to get from here on out.

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  1. I’m not a huge fan of True Blood, but I have to disagree with you. I think half of the finale might be a dream or something…Remember that guy says the past is literally coming back to haunt them.. We might get zombies…I don’t know…I’m sure I’m wrong though. But I liked the finale…It was better than season 3 which was not so good.

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