Review Fix 2011 New York Comic Con Coverage: Day Two Photos

Check out Staff Writer Nick Valente’s photos from day two of the New York City Comic Con, featuring some of the coolest costumes the convention had to offer.

We must warn you, some of pop culture’s coolest characters and some pretty good looking women are featured here.

Can you handle it?

FYI: To see a larger version of the photo, simply click on it and it will automatically enlarge. From there, you can easily cycle through them by using the arrow keys.

Photos by Nick Valente

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At the site, I'm a music, television and graphic novel kind of guy and that's what I'll be writing for the most part. Expect some book and music reviews as well though [insert demon horns here]. I grew up in Bensonhurst Brooklyn, the same neighborhood many of the best mafia films of our day were based on, idolizing guys like Robert Deniro, Martin Scorsese and Al Pacino. I'm also a big sports fan and follow the New York Yankees immensely.

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