Review Fix 2011 New York Comic Con Coverage: Street Fighter X Tekken Sneak Peek

Fighting enthusiasts have dreamed about this game for over a decade.

In March 2012, it’ll become reality.

However, gamers who got into this year’s New York City Comic Con got a sneak peak and an opportunity to play with a working version of the title.

They weren’t disappointed.

That doesn’t mean they weren’t a bit surprised though.

While both companies have done an excellent job of maintaining their artistic excellence here, as the game looks fantastic, the menus and graphics are surprisingly Capcom-inspired. Sure, all the characters from the Tekken series are beautiful to look at, but they look as if the Capcom team designed them.

That or the same exact graphical engine from the company’s last current generation fighter was the springboard for this title.

The controls as well have been Capcom-ed up, as the usually comfy grapple controls from Tekken have been modified. No longer do the X & O combination perform a grapple. Instead, by using the Triangle & Square combination, along with the analog stick, you can perform different grapple maneuvers. In the end, it’s quite possible the 3D fighting controls in “Tekken” didn’t sync up well with the fast-based 2D hybrid-fighting engine in the Street Fighter series.

The amount of time you’ll spend fighting in the air as well isn’t something Tekken fans are used to either.

Things like this are to be expected though. Whenever two powerhouses like these come together, sacrifices have to be made to ensure enough playability for everyone.

Sadly, the Tekken series was the one changed more. Some may feel more that it should have been.

Is it the end of the world? Not at all, as most of your characters favorite moves are there; you just have to hunt a little bit to find them. All in all, the game is still fun.

It’s just not the equal romance many expected it to be.

Aside from the cinemas before and after fights, the game features very little Tekken-inspired moments.

Even more proof of this is the fact that the Capcom characters feel eerily similar to their identical twins in “Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds.” Not ironically, the Street Fighter characters’ controls haven’t been touched at all.

Through this, it’s easy to see this is more of Capcom fighter with Tekken characters in it, and not an equal partnership.

This may offend fans of Tekken, but after a few rounds of the silky-smooth gameplay, top of the line visuals and dream matchups, you’ll quickly forget that the game isn’t exactly what you hoped it would be.

Fighting fans, without a pure preference however, will find this to be the one fighting game they are truly waiting for.

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