WWE RAW Coverage: Plot Holes

A lack of solid and coherent storyline and the complete absence of high octane wrestling action made this week’s episode of RAW a bore.

Triple H had a hell of a job ahead of him after his staff walked on him last week, but luckily for him, after he cut a promo, John Cena, Sheamus and CM Punk hit the ring. After their own monologues, they made sure they knew they had their bosses back.

The result of all the chatter was interesting, as Cena took on Sheamus with Triple H playing the role as special guest referee. Punk, had the coolest job, he played the role of commentator.

This could have been fun, but soon enough the trouble began.

The storyline involving Triple H and John Laurinaitis has been slow to develop and just when it appeared the show was getting interesting and original, it went right back to predictable. Anyone who has paid attention knew Laurinaitis was in the hunt for Triple H’s power. It’s not that this shouldn’t have happened eventually. It’s just that the smooth transition into this arc wasn’t smooth at all.

It was also incredibly illogical. First, it kills off the whole anonymous General Manager storyline. The WWE worked on this for over a year and now it’s all for nothing. Why waste fans time like that?

Secondly, why would Triple H have to leave the show if he was never General Manager in the first place? Laurinaitis took the already vacant General Manager position, not HHH’s. Simply put, whoever writes the scripts for this show has left a hole the size of Big Show’s feet in the plot.

Sure, it’s not a major motion picture, but hardcore fans deserve to at least be fooled once in a while.


Sheamus vs. John Cena: This match essentially never got started. Vince McMahon hit the ring after the commercial break and he and his son-in-law decided to have a chat in the middle of the ring. The conversation led to the appointment of a new interim general manager, John Laurinaitis.

John Morrison vs. Christian w/ Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger and Cody Rhodes: A quick match that saw Morrison job out to Christian after a spear. After the match, Morrison got hit with the Zig-Zag, the Cross Rhodes and Swagger’s diving powerbomb.

World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton: A decent match that was ruined by the interference of Cody Rhodes. While Orton won the match via-DQ and was able to dispatch Rhodes easily, Henry hit him with his World’s Strongest Slam twice. Rhodes then decided to get involved again, and hit Orton with the Cross-Rhodes.

Rosa Mendes and Tamina vs. Kelly Kelly and Eve Torrez: A quick encounter that ended after Torrez hit the moonsault on Mendez. Nothing spectacular. After the match, Laurinaitis came to the ring and cut his first promo as Interim General Manager. He then proceeded to fire Jim Ross. At least Michael Cole was happy about it. Overall, it had to be one of the most undramatic firings in RAW history

Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne and Mason Ryan vs. Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger and David Otunga w/Vicki Guerrero: This was the Mason Ryan show. Earning the win after he caught Ziggler with his swinging urinage slam, Ryan is on a roll. Swagger also hit Bourne with a monster powerbomb. Nevertheless, this match wasn’t anything special.

WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk: Punk got a good pop every time he laid a hand on Del Rio, but in the end, little happened in this match. About 15 minutes later, Laurinaitis made the match a tag team contest, with R-Truth and The Miz, pairing off against Del Rio and Punk.

Alberto Del Rio and CM Punk and the Miz and R-Truth: Having The Miz and Truth come back was great, but the execution of it all was amateur. On top of that, why would you make Del Rio and Punk a team after they just wrestled against one another for 15 minutes? While the actual match was intense, it was just as illogical. Del Rio and Punk were out for payback after the last pay per view. As a result, the match was fast-paced at first. However, Del Rio, who was getting the fans’ support, cried wolf and left the match due to an injury. This forced Punk to fight both Truth and Miz by himself.

After The Miz and Truth got DQed, HHH came to the aid of Punk and the two took care of the newly reinstated Tag Team.

Shortly thereafter, the new RAW GM announced that HHH and Punk would take on Truth and Miz at the next pay per view.

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