Beavis and Butthead Coverage: Poop Pencils

What better way to celebrate the yule tide than by watching another episode of Beavis and Butthead? All in all, in spite of a mediocre episode with Todd, another classic “Jersey Shore” skit paved the way for more trademark Mike Judge comedy.

First up we find those two dumbasses in the school guidance councilor’s office in “School Test.” Principal McVicker tells them that they are the worst students the school has ever had. Usually, there ignorance is ignored, but because of “No Child Left Behind,” they may lose their funding. B&B misinterpret this as “child’s behind.” This was the running gag throughout the entire episode. The rest of the episode is about how every teacher tries to help B&B pass the state wide test. Obviously, it was all for naught. At the test, all the two manage to do is write down their names. But just barely.

You have to love how McVicker gets pissed off throughout the entire episode, while Van Driessen is his usual “these boys need extra help” self. All they learn is No.2 pencil sounds like poop. “Poop pencil” is the Beavis phrase of the week. One of the best episodes this season that’ll leave any fan in tears. Easily one of the top five.

Todd makes his return in “Snitchers.” Beavis and Butthead see Todd hit a guy who he owes money to and B&B are called to testify in court. Oh, they testify alright. They say they saw Todd kick the guy’s ass. However, since B&B have a bad history they are considered unreliable witnesses. After a great episode we get a bad episode. Rule of thumb says that if Todd is in the episode it will suck. There really is no reason for them to like Todd at all. All he does is kick their asses and abuse them and all they think about is this may help them join his gang. Bad characters equal bad episodes. Skip this one.

The Jersey Shore skit is, once again, classic comedy. “The Situation” is left alone with dogs and he makes them poop all over the house. B&B suggest a better plan would’ve been if “The Situation” pooped on the floor and blamed it on the dogs. It makes no sense, but it’s B&B logic and it’s funny. Funniest line: “You’re smarter than The Situation, Beavis.”

So True.

One bad episode should not deter anyone from enjoying the top five episode this week. The season finale is next week so here’s hoping Mike Judge ends this season with a bang.

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